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B. Beverly Gage

August 5, 2017
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Message from Lisa
January 27, 2023 9:32 AM

I miss you so much.
Message from Kathy Raker
September 4, 2017 5:19 PM

Memories of Bev
How do you say goodbye to a friend of over 50 years? It is hard but stirs many memories of good times.
I met Bev the first week of moving to Seymour Place. She, along with a couple of other neighbors came to visit and we all started a strong friendship. There are 5 families that form the base of the Richardson home development. We all moved in between 1963-1965 era. The families are the Macks, Gages, Engles, Brubakers and Rakers. As other families moved in and out of the neighborhood over the years, these five families stayed...raised their kids and became good friends. We
are starting to lose those people first, Chad, then Bea, now Bev. All of them
have been hard loses and more will come in the future.
Bev and I shared many interests. We both loved hand made things. We did embroidery, needlepoint and other handcraft items. We both entered a local
contest and won blue ribbons Hers for an original R2D2 picture she made for
Paul and my entry was a dress with crewel embroidery on it. We were delighted and made Bob and Leon take us out to dinner. They were both a bit befuddled but agreeable. I dressed a doll for her mother's 90th birthday. What fun!
One of the nicest things she did along with our other neighbors was to plant flowers for me the summer our son Keith was born. I was fat with baby and did not think I would have flowers that year, but they all pitched in and created beauty for me. I have never forgotten that.
Another big event was the year of the blizzard. Snowplows were scarce at that time and so Bob, Leon and Chad shoveled out Seymour Place so that Bob could get to work. After that huge effort, we pooled our food and had dinner together.
A great evening in which the MEN imbibed a bit too much wine and paid the
price!! We had reunions of that dinner for several years! Much fun!!
Bev, Carolyn and I walked four miles every morning for years. We started out at 6:30 a.m. and rarely missed because no one wanted to be the "chicken" who called it off!
Bev was that only person I could argue politics with and still remain friends! We could not have been farther apart on beliefs on some issues but we could both say our peace and go on! That is true friendship! I can't do that with my relatives!!
We both enjoyed our tea. She REALLY liked tea and drank very little else and you always saw a cup of tea by her side and she also always carried teabags with her so she could have her tea when she wanted to.
Birds, flowers, and travel were also big on her like list. I am glad they were able to travel as much as they did. Her desire for knowledge was strong and the trips helped her learn a lot.
Family meant so much to Bev and what a wonderful family she and Leon raised all wonderful people
I could go on and on with tales of good times and great friendship. Bev was one of a kind. I will miss her forever.

Message from Denise Juillard, her daughter
September 4, 2017 3:07 PM

My mother was born in 1933, a time of great adversity. Her parents were English immigrants who worked hard to establish a business and home in Detroit Michigan. My grandmother told a story about having nothing left in the cupboard, but a can of sardines. That can was cracked open and shared by family members, each being careful not to take more than their fair share.

In spite of tough times, mom had good memories of her childhood. She loved her Grandpa Lewis, a larger than life character who had a traveling marionette show during the vaudeville days, and who painted oil paintings in his later life. She remembered sitting to watch him paint. He always greeted her with a big smile. He would tap his shirt pocket and tell her to look for a candy he had saved, just for her. Recently, Margo, her sister, said to me, “You know how your mother hated to lose at cards. Grandpa always let her win when she was young, and she never got over it.”

Mom was an avid reader frequently in trouble as a child for not wanting to close up her book to start chores or go to sleep at night. She loved school and was top in her class. Yet when it came time to graduate, her parents pushed her to become a secretary rather than consider college… Her mother thought it was the best career for a woman. I think that path not taken haunted her. In spite of being dedicated to her young family, something was missing. Somehow…she found a way to take classes and become a librarian, … while simultaneously handling a boisterous young brood and managing a home with all that entails. Being a librarian was a job she loved and one that she hated to give up when she hit her 80s. My siblings and I were inspired by Mom’s determination, persistence, and dedication in all spheres of her life.

I loved summertime at Grandma Lewis’s cottage. We children would swim, play, and explore while Mom, Margo, and Grandma would read, play scrabble and card games, and talk… I loved listening to their conversations. They were intelligent… intriguing… and occasionally… just a little racy. They talked about everything from politics, to religion, to family drama. It caused me to ponder the complexities of life, …and made me realize, nothing is ever simple.

A desire to learn about and experience the world led mom to challenge herself and her children in all their endeavors. She was always there, encouraging and supporting us. She and dad dragged us on many vacations across the US. On a trip to Maine, we rebelled when it came time to do one more hike. My dad said, “This vacation is for your mother and me. You need to come on this walk; otherwise we should have left you home. We replied, “Well, why DID you bring us?” Mom’s response remains strong in my memory. “It would not be a vacation without you.”

Both family and community were important to mom. She loved Granville, and she loved the people who live here. When we moved into our home on Rose Drive, the yard had only grass and a few trees. Over the years mom created a garden that is home to squirrels, chipmunks, butterflies, and a variety of wildlife, but most importantly it is an oasis for her birds. She will be missed by her family and her community of humans. She will be missed by the flowers she nurtured…and the birds she fed… every day…even in the dead of winter.
Message from Barbara Kocik
August 9, 2017 7:22 PM

My love and sympathy goes out to Leon and the children. To know Bev was to love her and feel love and accepted by her. What a blessing she will remain in my heart.
Love in Christ, Barbara Kocik
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A Tropical Dish Garden with Fresh Flowers was ordered on August 9, 2017

Message from Scottie Cochrane & Louis Middleman
August 9, 2017 11:44 AM

Dear Leon & all the Gage family,

Louis and I send condolences & fond memories of Bev's many contributions to Doane Library. We also always enjoyed her stories about world travels and square dancing with Leon, and all the activities she participated in. Hers was obviously a well-lived life.

RIP, Bev
Message from Marilyn Sundin
August 9, 2017 11:27 AM

From the day the Gage family moved in next door in 1962, I was blessed with a dear friend, as well as a kind and helpful neighbor. To Leon and all the children, I send my love and sympathy. She will always be alive in my memories.
Message from Peggy Rector
August 9, 2017 11:04 AM

I am so very saddened by the loss of this remarkable woman. My hear goes out to her family.
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Message from Retha
August 8, 2017 7:56 AM

Sorry to hear of your loss my prayers and sympathies are with you and your family. Retha
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A candle was lit by Sarah on August 7, 2017 12:37 PM
Message from Sally Brigham
August 7, 2017 5:56 AM

So sorry to hear of your loss. What a wonderful lady......always a pleasant smile. May God bless each and everyone of the family with floods of memories!!!
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